The idea of making perfect skiing equipment a reality was an adventurous step, remote from considerations of economic productivity. But the dynamics and spirit of this idea have remained alive up to now. They are the motivating force behind our actions. And that will stay the same in the future, too.
Thorsten Schwabe

Even at an early age Thorsten Schwabe used every opportunity to test his limits - and rarely did he choose the easy way - while always retaining clear goals and a relaxed self-assurance. Growing up in the foothills of the Black Forest, skiing dominated his early life. He graduated in architecture - a further proof of his determination and staying-power and obtained the master craftsmen title in ski and sledge building - the beginning of a new era.

Thorsten Schwabe, architect, MBA, construction biologist (IBR), husband and father, skier, surfer, dancer, was born in Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany in 1969.
Gregor Baer

Gregor Baer is a Snowboarder of the first hour and since that time he pursues the INDIGO idea of the perfect equipment up to the smallest detail. The first handcrafted snowboard changed his life - the idea behind it became a part of his being. He utilises his expertise as an engineer to meet the needs of the surfer. He is a seeker on water and land, elements that suggest to him the limitless space for ideas and dreams.

Gregor Baer, engineer, husband and father, skier, surfer, mountain climber and discoverer, was born in Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany in 1971.
INDIGO stands for a tight bond with nature and passion for our breathtaking sport. One of the world’s oldest colorants that can be found not only in the waves of the sea but was also burned onto our retinas from clear blue skies as we ascended mountains countless times just so that we could be the first to draw curvy lines in the snow on untouched slopes. The experience of being the first to leave one’s signature on fresh, untamed terrain causes our blood to freeze in our veins still today and redefines the word “freedom” time and again. INDIGO wings -  Inspired by the curves we have made in the snow.

When we built our first snowboards out of ash wood in a small workshop back in 1988, we had no idea that an international brand would soon develop from the individual items we made for good friends. Participation at trade fairs came next, followed by one prize after another for design. This expansion led us to today’s INDIGO headquarters in Munich, where we continue to develop our products in order to expand our lead in the global market.